We rescued an abused dog that started to show  aggressive fear towards strangers soon after she turned 1 1/2 yo.  We took her to obedience class and hired 4 other well known dog behaviorists with no results.  In fact, our dog's aggression towards people began to escalate.  She bit several of our friends, family and a neighbor.  She broke through our front glass window twice when the mailman walked by.  We were told by 2 seperate veterinarians (after an extesive work-up that showed no physical reason for her aggression) to euthanize her.  We were hopeless, desperate and concerned for our dog's future as well as for the safety of our friends and family.
We were told by 2 seperate veterinarians (after an extesive work-up that showed no physical reason for her aggression) to euthanize her.  We were hopeless, desperate and concerned for our dog's future as well as for the safety of our friends and family.  (labeled "devil dog" by others) was on her back and asking for belly rubs from the trainer shortly after he arrived!  All the other trainers we hired NEVER were able to pet her or come within a few feet or her...even after 3 months of private training.Robert truly is the Dog Whisperer! 

(labeled "devil dog" by others) was on her back and asking for belly rubs from Robert shortly after he arrived!  All the other trainers we hired NEVER were able to pet her or come within a few feet or her...even after 3 months of private training.

I am so amazed at the change we have seen and continue to see in our dog.  She now welcomes our friends into the house and sits calmly waiting to give sloppy kisses!  She looks to us for direction and responds to our commands.  She is so peaceful yet happy around company now.  We continue to work with Robert as his training techniques work wonders!  Robert , we can't thank you enough for saving our dog....and our sanity!

Jenna, Luis and Bindi
Dog Aggression Training

Mabel's history: Not too much is known about her past.  Subject to abuse as a puppy, covered in scares, malnourished and developed medical problems with her legs.  She had behavioral symptoms of a fight dog.  She has a scare in her ear (from ear marking) that is commonly seen in puppy mill females.

During her first two and a half years she developed severe dog and human fear based aggression as she was bounced between 2-3 foster homes ending up in rescue care.  Due to aggression towards trainers she was deemed dangerous and was scheduled for euthanasia.

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Flora (dog on the left) used to have dog aggression.  It was impossible to have her around other dogs.  She would lunge and bark incessantly at the site of other dogs.  Thanks to Alex, Flora enjoys the dog park and her new best friend Hudson.  Through each other they have found great balance. Both of them have come a long way, and learned a ton from one another! 

Meet Olivia She was a family surrender because of her aggression issues. After coming into the Midwest Pug Rescue she went to spend some time with Dogs best friends and Max. When she arrived with Max he realized that she does not have aggression issues she was a dominate dog and with some amazing training she is now living with three dogs with no issues. Olivia is a wonderful dog, and has learned that her place is not to take control
of the house but to live with a family enjoying the new role she gets to play. Olivia is a sweet dog that without the training from Max would have always been labeled an aggressive dog. Thank you Max and Dogs Best Friends for showing Olivia she does not have to be dominate that her people can take care of any situation for her.

This is the bounce back story of a little pug who lost everything but her heartbeat to the harsh conditions of a puppy mill.  See her whole story.

Porscha's Rescue Day Documentary, July 2010

Your Dog's Best Friend's most challenging rehab case was featured by Dog Fancy Magazine for January 2011.  As his foster, we spent three grueling months turning this feral and traumatized dog into the dog he is today.  This was a great victory for dog rescue and rehabilitation in Minnesota.  We continue to work with local rescues as a last stop for the most troubled dogs in MN.  Even dogs from the worst of circumstances that seem completely untrainable can become great family pets!
We cannot thank you enough for bringing Mabel into our lives. She is an amazingly loving and sweet dog. When she came to you she was a fearfully aggressive dog due to neglect and abuse, and you turned her life around,setting her on the path to become a balanced and happy dog. She is a wonderful testament to her breed, and has completely stolen our hearts! She will now live the life she was meant to have, and we are better for having her in our lives. Thank you is somehow not enough, but it is all we have, so from us to you, thank you for saving this dogs life. We truly love and adore her :)
Bill and JoEllen
Thank you Max and Your Dog's Best Friend for saving the life of one of our rescue pugs named Porscha. Porscha was a puppy mill rescue and she was one of the most fearful dogs Midwest Pug Rescue MN has ever seen. She was a feral pug and you could not walk up to her. She had no hope of being a pet and living like a do...g should. She lived with Max for 4 weeks, and to our amazement, she is ready to be adopted! She is living in a loving foster home like any other pug! Her tail is up, she walks on a leash, will come to treats, and likes to be loved. Thank you so much for making such a difference in her life!

Midwest Pug Rescue
Hi! Wanted to let Max know that Johnny got adopted last week! He is in a home similar to mine only he has a little Shih Tzu playmate now--and they run and chase together. He was here 9 months and I miss him terribly--partly because we worked so closely together teaching and learning. His new owner wants m...e to tell YOU thank you for the wonderful, patient work you did with him--he is truly a happy dog now, and they already adore him. I am so glad our rescue stepped out in faith with him--and you! 

Max: I did a followup visit with Johnny on Sunday! He is unbelievable. SO friendly with strangers and allows most anyone to pet him right away. He is now in training to be a therapy dog--going to Alzheimer units once a week to visit. All the residents love him and he sits in their laps for about 4-5 minutes before jumping off. What a marvelous dog---I should have adopted him myself.

Thanks again for all you did to teach me AND him.


"The Dog Whisperer of Minnesota!"
Thank you so much for the dog training. Breah is taking care of Frankie while we are on the Beach in Gulf Shores, AL.

Frankie and Breah's cat are getting alone extremely well. They both sleep on the bed with her and they don't bother each other. I can't believe it! If it weren't for your great training, we could not have gone to the Gulf Shores.

Irene & Bob

Buddy The Dog
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I would like to share my experience with working with Your Dog's Best Friend and would like thank him for his help! I have a german shepherd and three other dogs. I have been having trouble with my german shepherd Jada for over a year with aggression issues with new people, dogs, and even the other dogs in my house. I also had a different veterinary behaviorist (who was highly recommended) out several times who recommended that I have her put to sleep, after crying and thinking about it for several days I decided that I would not put her down and that I would try other things with her. For a year I have been keeping her away from new people, dogs and my other dogs.  I starting looking for a behaviorist that would help me work with her hands on and give her a chance with changing her behavior.  I did some searching on the Internet and talking with other people and luckily found them! I had set up several sessions with him and even on the first session (after she first tried to attack him) she made great improvements and she was even giving him kisses before he left. I finally had hope that my dogs behavior could be changed and he showed me that every time he came out. I was amazed at the progress that she has made. He even had her playing with three other dogs and meeting new people, that"s something I thought could never happen. I am very grateful that I was able to have him work with her and I highly recommend his work and would be willing to talk with anyone who is considering having him work with their dog.

Thanks again,
Belinda M

Travis and I are "foster to adopt" parents of a 2 year old boxer named Gage. We decided to contact a behaviorist after a vet recommended that we put Gage down because of his aggression.  Gage has an aversion to squirrels, bikes, dogs and sometime humans.  We had only had Gage for 2 weeks and just thought it would be wrong to rescue him just to put him down without trying to correct his aggressive behavior.  It was at that time that we decided to contact a behaviorist.  I did some research and there are a lot of vet behaviorists out there that charge upwards of $400 for an in house consultation and then are only available via phone.  I new Gage would need more than one home visit.  I decided to contact Robert.  It just seemed that I would get more bang for my buck and I was right.  Robert conducted a free in home visit and he wasn’t afraid to be hands on with Gage.  After about 15 minutes, Gage was looking up at him for leadership and direction.  We have been working with Robert for two weeks now and we see such a big difference in our dog.  Walking him is pleasant and uneventful.  Travis and I no longer have to walk him at the crack of dawn or late at night to avoid squirrels and bike riders.  We have learned to read Gage’s body language and to give correction early.  It is also easier to get control of our dog in those cases where we missed an early correction.  I am so glad that we did not listen to that vet.  Every dog deserves a chance and thanks to Robert Cole, Gage is well on his way to becoming a well balanced dog.

Zinovia Spaulding      

I would like to add a posting about Dogs Best Friend and Robert Cole, I was searching craigslist for a dog kennel for my 3 year old Alaskin Malamute while at the same time looking for a dog trainer for him because his manners were just god awful. I wanted someone experienced and educated that my dog would like, I ended up coming across his craigslist add among others, and his stated he was certified unlike the others that i came across. I would just like to say that as old as my dog was and stubborn as she is, he was able to build the trust in her that he needed to make the training fly with her and bring out her true potential for being a well mannered dog. It has been 4 months and she is still an amazing dog, like everything on the website is true. I cant say enough about the turn around of my Tara. Thats all I have thanks!

My husband and I recently adopted a dog from a local rescue group, who we re-named Lucy.  Lucy was almost 100% perfect in our eyes, but we noticed she had a tendency to have some aggressive reactions to other dogs and started becoming leery of visitors, especially men.  We wanted to make her the best dog she could be, so I started looking for dog behaviorists online.  I found Robert's website through a search and saw that he had worked with rescue groups in our area.  After some thought, we decided to hire him to help Lucy.  His first visit he worked on getting her to trust him by first getting her to submit (after a pretty long temper tantrum by Lucy) and then getting her to come up to him little by little with treats and positive reinforcement.  By the end of the first session, she had gotten pretty comfortable with Robert and was slowly learning to trust this new guy in her territory.  Robert left us with tips to work on until the next session, which we worked on over the next week.

Robert came back the next weekend with his dog, Cesar, to work on her dog issues.  Cesar is a very balanced dog who seems to love everyone, so he was a great tool for Lucy to learn to properly react to dogs.  Robert taught us the body language to look for, so we know when she's becoming aggressive versus just wanting to play.  Robert worked with Lucy to teach her that it's ok for other dogs to be in her space and want to sniff her and he corrected her when her reactions turned too aggressive.  By the end of the session, Cesar and Lucy were tearing around back and forth in our living room, running and playing with each other.  It was so wonderful to see her having fun being a dog, rather than always being on alert around another dog and a man that she didn't know.  We know now that in time, if we stick to what Robert has taught us to do, she will learn to relax completely and have fun everywhere she goes.

Robert is very easy to work with and doesn't make you feel inferior for not knowing exactly how dogs work.  He was extremely patient with our dog, but also with us as new owners.  He's committed to getting the problem resolved and seems always available for additional help as needed.  He's very knowledgeable in what he does and really seems to understand what a dog is thinking.  My husband and I are so happy we invested a little time and money into helping our new addition become a happier part of our family.  We know that Robert's insight will help make her a wonderful companion for many years to come.

Erin Pearson

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