Your Dog's Best Friend Reviews: Mabel's history: Not too much is known about her past.  Subject to abuse as a puppy, covered in scares, malnourished and developed medical problems with her legs.  She had behavioral symptoms of a fight dog.  She has a scare in her ear (from ear marking) that is commonly seen in puppy mill females.

During her first two and a half years she developed severe dog and human fear based aggression as she was bounced between 2-3 foster homes ending up in rescue care.  Due to aggression towards trainers she was deemed dangerous and was scheduled for euthanasia.
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Meet Olivia She was a family surrender because of her aggression issues. After coming into the Midwest Pug Rescue she went to spend some time with Dogs best friends and Max. When she arrived with Max he realized that she does not have aggression issues she was a dominate dog and with some amazing training she is now living with three dogs with no issues. Olivia is a wonderful dog, and has learned that her place is not to take control
of the house but to live with a family enjoying the new role she gets to play. Olivia is a sweet dog that without the training from Max would have always been labeled an aggressive dog. Thank you Max and Dogs Best Friends for showing Olivia she does not have to be dominate that her people can take care of any situation for her.

This is the bounce back story of a little pug who lost everything but her heartbeat to the harsh conditions of a puppy mill.  See her whole story.

Porscha's Rescue Day Documentary, July 2010

Your Dog's Best Friend's most challenging rehab case was featured by Dog Fancy Magazine for January 2011.  As his foster, we spent three grueling months turning this feral and traumatized dog into the dog he is today.  This was a great victory for dog rescue and rehabilitation in Minnesota.  We continue to work with local rescues as a last stop for the most troubled dogs in MN.  Even dogs from the worst of circumstances that seem completely untrainable can become great family pets!
We cannot thank you enough for bringing Mabel into our lives. She is an amazingly loving and sweet dog. When she came to you she was a fearfully aggressive dog due to neglect and abuse, and you turned her life around,setting her on the path to become a balanced and happy dog. She is a wonderful testament to her breed, and has completely stolen our hearts! She will now live the life she was meant to have, and we are better for having her in our lives. Thank you is somehow not enough, but it is all we have, so from us to you, thank you for saving this dogs life. We truly love and adore her :)
Bill and JoEllen
Thank you Max and Your Dog's Best Friend for saving the life of one of our rescue pugs named Porscha. Porscha was a puppy mill rescue and she was one of the most fearful dogs Midwest Pug Rescue MN has ever seen. She was a feral pug and you could not walk up to her. She had no hope of being a pet and living like a do...g should. She lived with Max for 4 weeks, and to our amazement, she is ready to be adopted! She is living in a loving foster home like any other pug! Her tail is up, she walks on a leash, will come to treats, and likes to be loved. Thank you so much for making such a difference in her life!

Midwest Pug Rescue
Hi! Wanted to let Max know that Johnny got adopted last week! He is in a home similar to mine only he has a little Shih Tzu playmate now--and they run and chase together. He was here 9 months and I miss him terribly--partly because we worked so closely together teaching and learning. His new owner wants m...e to tell YOU thank you for the wonderful, patient work you did with him--he is truly a happy dog now, and they already adore him. I am so glad our rescue stepped out in faith with him--and you! 

Max: I did a followup visit with Johnny on Sunday! He is unbelievable. SO friendly with strangers and allows most anyone to pet him right away. He is now in training to be a therapy dog--going to Alzheimer units once a week to visit. All the residents love him and he sits in their laps for about 4-5 minutes before jumping off. What a marvelous dog---I should have adopted him myself.

Thanks again for all you did to teach me AND him.


"The Dog Whisperer of Minnesota!"
Buddy The Dog
All Dogs Can Be Good Dogs
Flora (dog on the left) used to have dog aggression.  It was impossible to have her around other dogs.  She would lunge and bark incessantly at the site of other dogs.  Thanks to Alex, Flora enjoys the dog park and her new best friend Hudson.  Through each other they have found great balance. Both of them have come a long way, and learned a ton from one another! 
Thank you so much for the dog training. Breah is taking care of Frankie while we are on the Beach in Gulf Shores, AL.

Frankie and Breah's cat are getting alone extremely well. They both sleep on the bed with her and they don't bother each other. I can't believe it! If it weren't for your great training, we could not have gone to the Gulf Shores.

Irene & Bob

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