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My dog needs leash training!

So your dog pulls too much? Does he/she lose impulse control, get worked up about squirrels, other dogs, people cars or pretty much anything that pops up on a typical walk? Some dogs are just frightened by everything when they get outside on a leash. Let us address here the rowdy, out of control puppy/dog on the leash as this can often lead to more serious problems  like leash aggression. A comfortable and positive leash walk is the foundation of a great relationship with your dog. This is one of the must frustrating dog behavior issues for owners! Luckily, you have found the solution. Leash training your dog is not so much about addressing the walk in a vacuum, but rather to address disobedient behavior as a whole and to then bring it to the walk. After we show you how to accomplish a laid back and energizing walk experience for you and your dog, you will be howling at the moon!
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We practice leash training all over the state of MN!

We practice leash training in these Minneapolis neighborhoods: Nicollet Island East Bank, North Loop, Hiawatha, Northrop, Prospect Park East River, Cedar Isles, Kenny, Cedar Riverside, St. Anthony East, Linden Hills, St. Anthony West, Como, Stevens Square Loring Heights, Loring Park, Sumner Glenwood, Diamond Lake, Lowry Hill, Tangletown, Downtown East, Lowry Hill East, University of Minnesota, Downtown West, Lyndale, East Harriet, Lynnhurst, East Isles, West Calhoun, Minnehaha, Kenwood

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Leash Training in Minneapolis
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