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My Dog Is Food Aggressive!

This is BY FAR the most misunderstood dog behavior/psychological issue out there. Does your dog show his teeth, protect the bowl, growl or lunge and bite around food or resource guard other objects. Looks Scary! It sounds real mean, angry and disrespectful. It certainly is intense and it is scary, but what if it is not mean, angry or disrespectful?

Dogs are food aggressive out of insecurity. It's a fearful and unsure response. They do not want a confrontation and in fact are so concerned about having a confrontation that they overreact. Try to address the aggression and you will have a fight, address the insecurity and you don't have food aggression anymore. Please don't attempt without a professional. While the dog is feeling weak inside, they can and often do act out in a very dangerous way when feeling the pressure of protecting food.

We would be happy to help you help your dog lose the unnecessary burden of feeling the need to protect food or other items around their family.

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Lets Show Your Dog That Food Time is Trust Time Together!
We help dogs that resource guard and show food aggression all around the state of Minnesota:

Minneapolis neighborhoods: Nicollet Island East Bank, North Loop, Hiawatha, Northrop, Prospect Park East River, Cedar Isles, Kenny, Cedar Riverside, St. Anthony East, Linden Hills, St. Anthony West, Como, Stevens Square Loring Heights, Loring Park, Sumner Glenwood, Diamond Lake, Lowry Hill, Tangletown, Downtown East, Lowry Hill East, University of Minnesota, Downtown West, Lyndale, East Harriet, Lynnhurst, East Isles, West Calhoun, Minnehaha, Kenwood

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