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If you are too busy to walk your dog regularly, finding a great dog walker is ideal.  The leash walk is one of the most important activities that your dog has.  There is no substitute for walking your dog!  Your dog walker should practice leadership and respect with your dog.  Take a look at our directory of dog walkers in Minneapolis.  There should be a dog walking service right close by to you. 

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Dog walker Tips:  Choosing a dog walker that will benefit your dog the most is important.  Pay attention to how your dog treats the walker and the walker your dog.  Does the dog respect the dog walker and walk by their side?  Does your dog jump on the dog walker when they show up at the house?  Does the dog walker walk your dog for at least 45 minutes?  Is your dog is respectful of your dog walker?  If your dog does not respect your dog walker, the experience looses much of its value to the dog.  The leash walk must be a time when the human demonstrates pack leadership and assertiveness to the dog.  Note: free range and back yard play are not substitutes for the structured walk that provides confidence and mental exercise to your dog.
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For references, you can look to a number of prominent dog organizations such as: Midwest Animal Rescue, Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, MN Pug Rescue, Minnesota Boxer Rescue, Wagging Tails Doggy Daycare in Eagan, Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, Fetch! Pet Care, Pampered Pooch and The Hopkins Animal Hospital.
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