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My Dog Doesn't Come When Called!

So your dog or puppy knows the word come. Your dog might sometimes come when called if you can bribe him/her with a treat or with something they really like. So why won't they listen? I've got a question for you, "do you follow every direction you are given, every time by every person who gives them?" The answer is no! Just like us, dogs are relationship based. Whether or not they have to listen when asked to come is already established before the command ever comes up. Would you like to establish a relationship with your dog where they know they have to listen to you when you decide its necessary? Its easy and we would love to show you!
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We help dogs that don't come when called all over the state of Minnesota:

Minneapolis neighborhoods: Nicollet Island East Bank, North Loop, Hiawatha, Northrop, Prospect Park East River, Cedar Isles, Kenny, Cedar Riverside, St. Anthony East, Linden Hills, St. Anthony West, Como, Stevens Square Loring Heights, Loring Park, Sumner Glenwood, Diamond Lake, Lowry Hill, Tangletown, Downtown East, Lowry Hill East, University of Minnesota, Downtown West, Lyndale, East Harriet, Lynnhurst, East Isles, West Calhoun, Minnehaha, Kenwood

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How to get your dog to come when called in Minneapolis
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