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So...You Have A Dominant Dog!

If your dog is possessive of you, gets jealous around you or reactive/aggressive towards strangers in the house or other dogs on the walk, read on!

At times, these problems can feel like the worst case scenario and many professionals would tell you it is hopeless.

The bad news is that this is extremely dangerous and must be dealt with. The great news is that you don't have a BAD dog and the solution is simple!

A dominant role in a family is very important. The alpha position goes to the bravest, most selfless one who knows best what to do and how to do it. It is natural that they should impose their way of doing things on the group so that everyone can live a happy, safe and healthy life. Unfortunately, your dog thinks that he/she is this individual in certain situations within your family!

In your home/family setting, dogs do not know what is best for the group and must perceive themselves as here to learn from you and here to take cues from you rather than to make and enforce rules. People stuff like social norms and who pays the mortgage and who buys the food cannot be shared with your dog when helping it understand the position they belong in within the family. You can teach sit, come, stay without solving this problem, but they will never believe they have to do it when you say it. Also, there is no word for change how you "feel" in the dog world, only one who they perceive as a source of what to do and how to do it can change the state of mind.

Let us help you show your dog that you know best how to treat other people and dogs!

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