Finding the right Dog/Breed for our Family

No matter the breed, size or history;
All dogs can be good dogs and we love to prove it!
Finding the right breed:  Would you like a rescue dog or a dog from a breeder?  Do you want a puppy that is easy to train?  A puppy that will be naturally inclined to hunt, retrieve or become a service dog?  What about dogs that are hypo-allergenic?  Would you like a puppy that is good with kids?  A puppy that will never be too big to fly with you on an airplane?

Finding the right dog:  When we go to the rescue or breeder, what should we look for?  Does it matter how I introduce myself? Are there signs even at 6-8 weeks that the dog is already anxious, fearful or aggressive?  Do I want a dog that requires extra training or am I well suited to take a dog that requires extra training? 

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For references, you can look to a number of prominent dog organizations such as: Midwest Animal Rescue, Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, MN Pug Rescue, Minnesota Boxer Rescue, Wagging Tails Doggy Daycare in Eagan, Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, Fetch! Pet Care, Pampered Pooch and The Hopkins Animal Hospital.
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All Dogs Can Be Good Dogs
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