My dog needs...
to stop dog dog aggression

to stop leash aggression

to get rid of shyness

to not be so fearful

separation anxiety help

a dog psychologist

to get along with dogs

private dog training

resource guarding help
We need help with...
better leash manners

better door behavior

to stop chewing

to stop digging

to stop mouthing

to come when called

to stop being food aggressive

behave better at the dog park
finding the right dog

introducing a second dog

introducing a new baby

a rescue dog with symptoms of abuse
choosing the right dog breed for our family

a rescue dog with psychological trauma

in fighting between our dogs

understanding what our dog is saying
to stop being possessive of me

to not be so territorial to guests

to stop being protective of me

in home dog behavior training

leash training

potty training

a dog behaviorist

better social skills In-home Dog Training Minneapolis  -All rights reserved- 
Dog Behaviorist Minneapolis

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Minneapolis, MN Dog Services
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For references, you can look to a number of prominent dog organizations such as: Midwest Animal Rescue, Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota, MN Pug Rescue, Minnesota Boxer Rescue, Wagging Tails Doggy Daycare in Eagan, Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, Fetch! Pet Care, Pampered Pooch and The Hopkins Animal Hospital.
We spend our days hosting dog groups where we teach owners how to "Dog Whisper" and help dogs socialize in a positive environment.  We work with several veterinary hospitals and rescue agencies to create great dogs when all hope seems to be lost.  We do in-home training to help dog owners rehabilitate dog behavior problems and learn how to manage dog behavior themselves.  You will see us at all of the major dog events throughout the region reaching out to dog owners, giving seminars and being Your Dog's Best Friend!
"The Dog Whisperer of Minnesota!"
All Dogs Can Be Good Dogs